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Want to sell your vacant

house faster, for more money?

Staging will result in a quicker sale, a better image of your house to your potential buyers - and done correctly, staging can make a significant difference in your selling price.


Maximize your profit margin with professional staging.

You have worked hard to build a house from the ground up and now it is time to sell and reap the financial rewards you deserve. Why not maximize your return on investment and increase your profit margins by having your home professionally staged?


Want to sell your vacant listing

easier and faster?

Seller's today depend on your expertise to sell their home. They will choose an agent who knows what it takes to get their property to stand out from the competition, sell fast and at the highest price. Let Set To Show help you win more listings and close more sales.

Staging remains the #1 marketing strategy today, bringing up to 10% more in offers and speeding the sale up to 78% faster *

Why Choose Us?


While most staging companies focus on furnishing and finishing touches, Set To Show takes a strategic, business-focused view of marketing and selling your home.  Our approach includes:


Analysis and Review. We seek to thoroughly understand your homes

place in the market and how we can help stage it for success.


Lifestyle Defintion. Before we stage, we work with you to create a "a

lifestyle profile" of who your greatest potential buyer is. This profile

helps us create a staging plan that is designed to capture the heart

of your best buyers.


Staging Brief. Our staging brief details the market situation, target

audience and lifestyle definition and puts plan in place for designing

the perfect home experience that meets your selling goals and your

audiences desires.

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About Us

Set To Show staging strategies help home sellers, Builders and Realtors transform their vacant properties into homes that sell faster and for more money.

Our team of strategic home stagers will create a high-impact selling environment for you and an irresistible experience for home buyers. We'll make sure that every detail is covered and your home is staged for success.

Staging Benefits

Our Mission


Turn Empty and Cold into Adored and Sold.

Voted "Best Twin Cities Stager"